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Dear Family and Friends,

This is the monthly Baiyang newsletter. This is a reminder that this weekend is our 3rd monthly discussion meeting. Please see the information before for details.

If you missed the last meeting, the topic was 無為法與有為法 and 智.

Monthly Baiyang Seminar Series:

When: First Saturday of each month (Next session is Saturday 1/4)

What time: 7PM to 9PM (Eastern)

Presenter: 曾登輝,曾新彰老師

Where: 336 Highland st, Weston MA 02493

Contact: 781-373-5431 (David or Margaret Chang)

Map: Click Here

Cost: Baiyang activities are always free. There will never be any cost/items to buy.

Web cast: (Refer to this page for more information.

New Information:

Master Wu's blog (白陽老人部落格) - Please check this website for the latest updates on his blog. Contents are added monthly.'s main page has been revised with a 最新資料/New Articles section so it is very easy to see what is new with the website. The latest new information is listed below.

1/4/2007 道與修(二)

1/4/2007 道與修(一)

1/4/2007 Portal:心靈糧食/無為法與有為法

Thanks and hope you find this helpful.

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